Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) and Hospital Compare

HCAHPS is a national standardized survey tool used by CMS to measure inpatient perception of the quality of care they receive in the hospital. HCAHPS measures frequency, and questions are structured to elicit an always, usually, sometimes, or never response. All that is reported, however, is the always score.

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Survey Information
At Cabinet Peaks Medical Center, providing our patients with exceptional care is important to us. We use their feedback to continually improve our services, and we value our patient's thoughts and opinions.
Many of our patients will receive a survey in the mail after they are discharged. This survey will come from our survey vendor, Avatar. We ask that our patients please take a moment to complete the survey and return it in its prepaid envelope, or complete it online.
One of the best compliments our patients can give us is to fill out the survey when they receive it!

Additional Input
If our patients did not receive a survey, and would like to give input, or did receive a survey and would like to elaborate and provide additional feedback, they are encouraged to contact Ahyoung Huff, Director of Ancillary and Support Services at (406) 283-7239 or

Cabinet Peaks Medical Center
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