Medical Records Requests

Two Methods of Medical Record Requests

There are two methods by which patients may make a request for copies of their medical records.

(1) Direct Healthcare Provider Request of Medical Records
The first, and easiest method is to have your healthcare provider request your records for you. For copies needed by any of your healthcare providers, just have their office call or fax a request to our HIM office (numbers listed below) and your records will be faxed directly to your provider free of charge.

(2)Self Request of Medical Records
Requesting medical records personally will require a trip to our HIM Office with a completed Authorization of Disclosure of Health Information document and a photo ID. We are located on the second floor of Cabinet Peaks Medical Center.
For your convenience, we have added the Authorization of Disclosure of Health Information document at the bottom of this page. Print it out, complete it, and bring it, along with your photo ID to our office.

If you have any other questions pertaining to your medical records, please feel free to call us; we have the time to help!

Authorization of Disclosure of Health Information (PDF)

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